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Nation Worldwound
Region Riftshadow
Size Small city
Population 6,900
Alignment Chaotic evil (assumed)
Ruler Areelu Vorlesh

Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 11ff.

The central Worldwound city of Undarin can be found on the Sarkora River, and was once a center for the selling of livestock and ore in the kingdom of Sarkoris. Once the city was overrun by demons, its stockyards and animal pens were used to temporarily control the human population before being sent off for further processing. The demonic witch Areelu Vorlesh lives in a large holdfast on a bluff overlooking the city, and is often consulted by the demonic warlords of the Worldwound.[1]


  • Cliffside: Cliffside was once a district of markets, temples, forums, and mansions.
  • Gorum's Chain: The five small isles resting within the Sarkora, were housing temples and sacred druid groves.
  • Steppeside: Steppeside was once the district of stockyards, markets, and houses of those who worked there.
  • Widowknife Clanhold: The former Widowknife Clanhold on the northern bank of the Rolling River, sitting at the cliffs, is now used as Areelu's home.[2]


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