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Nation Sarkoris Scar
Region Riftshadow
Size Small city
Population 6,900
Ruler Areelu Vorlesh

Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 11ff.

The central city of Undarin in the Sarkoris Scar can be found on the Sarkora River, and was once a center for the selling of livestock and ore in the kingdom of Sarkoris. Once the city was overrun by demons after the opening of the Worldwound in 4606 AR, its stockyards and animal pens were used to temporarily control the human population before being sent off for further processing.[1] Like most of the cities in the region, the holy warriors of the Fifth Mendevian Crusade deemed Undarin to be too corrupted to be rebuilt, and instead razed the city in 4718 AR.[2]


  • Cliffside: Cliffside was once a district of markets, temples, forums, and mansions.
  • Gorum's Chain: The five small isles resting within the Sarkora, once housed temples and sacred druidic groves.
  • Steppeside: Steppeside was once the district of stockyards, markets, and the homes of those who worked there.
  • Widowknife Clanhold: The former Widowknife Clanhold on the northern bank of the Rolling River, sitting at the cliffs, was used by Areelu Vorlesh during the demonic occuptation.[3]


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