Aldus Aldon Canter

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Aldus Aldon Canter

Disappeared 4028 AR
Source: Trial of the Beast, pg(s). 71ff.

Count Aldus Aldon Canter was a gentleman explorer and one-time Count of Vieland who founded the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye.1

He disappeared in the Parched Dunes in 3985 AR but reappeared in Vieland three years later. He claimed to have spent the intervening time studying the secrets of a group of immortal sages and communing with their mentor, the fallen angel Tabris. He was then sent back into the world to pass on their message.12

However, his message was far from clear, often consisting of garbled and coded texts in an untidy medley of Osirian mysticism, Pharasmin rites, and Varisian occult lore. He also added numerous annotations and reinterpretations to his original texts, further complicating the matter.3

Aldus attracted a following of young nobles to his new Order, and published his teachings as the Lost Gospels of Tabris. Controversy in Ustalav over the Order's activities eventually forced him to abdicate his title as Count, and Aldus disappeared again in 4028 AR, never to be seen again.24