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Tabris hard at work on the Book of the Damned.

The Chronicler
Source: Chronicles of the Righteous, pg(s). 55

Tabris, sometimes called the Chronicler, is an angel who was ordered to study the whole of the multiverse.1 His studies of the planes formed the basis of the Chronicle of the Righteous, Concordance of Rivals, and Book of the Damned, and for the Book of the Damned he was exiled from Heaven.23

Book of the Damned

Tabris infused part of his being with the Book of the Damned, creating a demiplane within the tome that collects and stores all evil thoughts into an infinite and ever-updating repository. This act resulted in Tabris's trial and exile from Heaven, and the Book vanished before it could be destroyed.4

Lost gospels

The desiccated Tabris was allegedly encountered by Count Aldus Aldon Canter of Vieland in a lost sepulcher in the desert of Osirion with a sect of immortal sages who venerated him. Aldus claimed to have studied the sect's secrets for three years before being sent back into the outside world as a messenger. Aldus founded the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye and wrote the Lost Gospels of Tabris with the knowledge he had gained.5 Exiled members of the Order claim that Tabris charged Aldus with reuniting these lost truths with the Book of the Damned, but Aldus instead kept the gospels for his own use.6


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