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Source: Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 11-13

Lady Altouna, the secretive ruler of the Numerian city of Hajoth Hakados, began her life in Numeria as an alien on the run from the Technic League. During this time, she encountered the witchwyrd Cythrul, who was likewise fleeing the League, with whom she formed an alliance for mutual protection. By the time they reached Hajoth Hakados, the two had become fast friends. While Cythrul remained open about her status as an alien, Altouna chose to disguise herself as an aiuvarin, after which she began to climb in the city's political order to become its ruler.1

Alongside Cyrthul, Altouna has formed an extensive network dedicated to finding and rescuing the aliens and androids trapped in stasis in Numeria's technological ruins, and on whom the Technic League seeks to experiment to increase its knowledge. These refugees are then settled either in Hajoth Hakados or outside Numeria entirely. However, doing this has forced Lady Altouna to ally with the barbarians of the Blood Gars, who have demanded the freedom to prey on all river traffic exiting the city as their price, until she can contact a more reliable source of protection for her refugees.1


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