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A witchwyrd.
Type Monstrous humanoid
CR 6
Environment Any
Images of witchwyrds

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 285
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Itinerant wanderers and peerless traders, witchwyrds wander between planets and planes, crossing unimaginable distances to trade in every corner of the Great Beyond.[1]


Witchwyrds are humanoid in appearance: they stand slightly taller than the average human at six and a half feet, and weigh around 300 pounds. Despite being generally humanoid in shape, witchwyrds are quite obviously alien to Golarion; their strangest feature is their additional set of arms that sprout from beneath their shoulders. Despite its distinctiveness, this feature is the easiest to conceal, as the witchwyrd's unique bone structure allows it to fold its extra pair of arms away, easily concealing them beneath clothing. The other noticeable feature is their unique coloring: their skin is bluish-grey, while their eyes glow an intense yellow. When they are not trying to blend in, witchwyrds wear outlandish, alien garb: normally lose fitting clothes in bright reds or yellows, topped with a distinctive conical hat.[1]


Witchwyrds have potent magical abilities and control over magic. They can 'grab' a magic missile spell directed towards them and absorb its energy; produce bolts of magical force to fire at opponents; and speak to any creature that has a language.[1]


The witchwyrds originate not on Golarion but on the savage world of Akiton, the Red Planet. The witchwyrds' ancestors lived in great cities of stone and metal in a time before the planet's seas froze and Akiton became a barren desert world.[2] Another faction of their race, however, lived as savage barbarians and made war on the city-dwellers. The city-dwellers split from their kindred and abandoned Akiton for the planets and planes beyond, later becoming known as the witchwyrds, while the barbaric nomads remain on Akiton to this day as the brutish shobhads.[3]

Habitat and ecology

As constantly wandering traders, witchwyrds do not really have a habitat, though in the lands they visit they seem to prefer desert and tropical climates. They can be found anywhere that there are goods to be traded. Despite their alien appearance, a witchwyrd's ecology is very similar to that of the average human. They need food, water, and sleep like any other creature, although they seem to draw some sustenance by absorbing magical force effects.[1]


Very little is known of witchwyrd society, as for the most part, witchwyrds seem to be solitary creatures. The only exception is when several of the creatures gather to trade in small enclaves. Almost nothing is known of how they procreate, with juvenile witchwyrds being a rarity, seen only in the company of more experienced witchwyrd traders. Some believe that the witchwyrds are ruled from behind the scenes by a mercantile oligarchy that directs all of their seemingly chaotic planar trade. There are rumours of fleets of witchwyrd trading ships, that sail across the planets and the planes as if they were water. Despite their solitary nature, witchwyrds rarely wander the planes alone, as they are protected by an entourage of bodyguards. These bodyguards are often strange creatures, as they are gathered during the witchwyrd's planar travels.[1]

On Golarion

The only known grouping of these strange creatures on Golarion are the Pactmasters of Katapesh. Their true identity is a very closely guarded secret, as they wish for trade within their dominion to continue without interruption. They arrived in the Garundi city in 3725 AR in a plane- and planet-traveling ship, and quickly conquered the local bandit lords with the help of their constructs and minions. They have since been working diligently to expand Katapesh's trading prowess and their own fortunes.[4]

Individual witchwyrds living on Golarion by themselves are rare but not unknown, and include the skymetals trader Cythrul in the Numerian town of Hajoth Hakados, and the explorer Grekopek who lives in Bloodcove in the Mwangi Expanse.[1]