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Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Witchwyrd
Class Alchemist 12
Gender Female
Homeland Hajoth Hakados, Numeria

Source: Children of the Void, pg(s). 89

An unusual inhabitant of the southern Numerian town of Hajoth Hakados is the witchwyrd trader Cythrul, who operates a shop, simply called Cythrul's Shop, where skymetals are bought and sold. Cythrul does an especially brisk trade with Mendevian Crusaders on their way north to fight the demons of the Worldwound, and also has close ties to the Technic League, with whom she occasionally trades schema and diagrams.[1]

Cyrthul is an ally of Lady Altouna, the ruler of her hometown, who is, like her, an alien stranded on Golarion. The two met when Altouna was fleeing from the Technic League, seeking to avoid becoming one of their experimental subjects, and they allied to help protect each other. Having become friends by the time they reached Hajoth Hakados, the two have since worked together to form and manage a covert network to locate androids and aliens still trapped in stasis in Numeria's ruins and bring them to safety either in their city or outside of Numeria.[2]


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