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Hajoth Hakados

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Hajoth Hakados
Titles The velvet caress of the north
Plane Material Plane
World Golarion
Nation Numeria
Region Numerian Plains
Size Small city
Population 6,780
Demographics 5,083 humans, 644 dwarves, 346 half-elves, 305 halflings, 254 gnomes, 148 others
Government Magical (benevolent alien overlord)
Alignment Neutral
Ruler Lady Altouna

Source: Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 11-12

The small trade city of Hajoth Hakados can be found on the Seven Tears River and is often the first settlement Mendevian Crusaders visit in Numeria on their way north to the Worldwound. Because of this, it seems more like a city in the nearby River Kingdoms than a true Numerian settlement.[1]


During the First and Second Mendevian Crusades, most crusaders made the journey up the West Sellen River, past the nation of Ustalav and the Sarkorian city of Storasta. When that city fell during the Second Crusade, most travellers decided to take the safer route through the River Kingdoms, past Hajoth Hakados, and from there to the city of Chesed on the Lake of Mists and Veils.[1]


The city is comprised of three districts: the expansive Palace District at the center, the Homeshore District on the northern bank of the Seven Tears River, and the Fortress District to the east.[2]


Hajoth Hakados is one of a few communities in southern Numeria that openly welcomes androids. In addition, the city is also home to a small number of aliens living there in secret, kept carefully hidden by their neighbors from groups such as the Technic League who would seek to turn them into subjects of study or slaves.[2][3]

An unusual inhabitant of Hajoth Hakados is the witchwyrd trader Cythrul, who operates a shop where skymetals are bought and sold. Cythrul does an especially brisk trade with Mendevian Crusaders on their way north to fight the demons of the Worldwound, and also has close ties to the Technic League.[4]

Places of interest

After the Pathfinder Society was kicked out of the capital of Starfall by the Black Sovereign Kevoth-Kul in 4699 AR and their lodge burnt to the ground, they set up two new lodges in Numeria, one in Castle Urion and one in Hajoth Hakados.[5]

Tarnished Halls

Hajoth Hakados is one of the few places in the Inner Sea region for outsiders to purchase black market Numerian technology. They do so at the Tarnished Halls.[6]


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