Annexa Palanthea's Fishy Menagerie

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Located in the Docks section of Katapesh Annexa Palanthea's Fishy Menagerie is a unique wharf-side attraction, part museum, part aquarium. For only a single silver piece, anyone can enter and see live fish from all of Golarion's seas, including live piranha from the Mwangi Expanse, a variety of squids and octopuses, and an overweight bunyip. The stuffed attractions are even more impressive, including several intelligent underwater dwellers like skum, sahuagin, locathah, and mermaids. The stuffed collection also includes larger creatures such as a water naga, a young kraken, a mighty alghollthu master, and even an enormous mottled worm.

The Fishy Menagerie is run by Annexa Palanthea, an expert on aquatic life who is said to pay very well for any new and interesting samples—though due to her expansive knowledge, it takes a rare specimen to qualify as either. Annexa sometimes even funds expeditions to search the Inner Sea for new specimens; this interest puts her in competition with the operators of Jexler & Young Salvage Company and Deep Sea Exploration and Retrieval.1