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A large octopus battles Lem and Valeros underwater.

Temperate or cold ocean
Octopean, octopoid
Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 219

An octopus is an aquatic cephalopod mollusc with large eyes and four pairs of tentacled arms. It is capable of emitting clouds of dark ink underwater and jetting through water, and it has a venomous bite. Some octopuses can grow to giant sizes, with tentacles as long as 20 feet.1


Octopuses, as well as their giant variants, sometimes serve as animal companions.2 Aquatic elves are particularly known to befriend octopuses.3

On Golarion

Octopuses are among the most common sea life caught and sold by fisherfolk on Golarion.4 They also live in the midnight zone of ocean depths.5

Giant octopuses are known to roam the ruins of Azlant6 and Embaral Ocean.7


Giant octopus
Giant octopuses ruin an Eagle Knights river crossing.

Giant octopuses are far larger than their more common kin and eat much larger prey, including humanoids and sharks.1

A blue-ringed octopus sometimes serves as a spellcaster's familiar.28

Similar creatures

Cecaelias have the upper bodies of humanoids and lower bodies of an octopus.7


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