Water naga

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Water naga
Vriskirsa, a water naga.

Temperate aquatic
Source: Bonus Bestiary, pg(s). 14

Water nagas are fierce and intelligent sea creatures that roam the warm oceans of Golarion. Despite their intelligence, water nagas are the least devious and most animalistic of the naga family.


Water nagas, like all nagas, take the form of a large, sinuous snake with a humanoid head rather than a serpentine one. Each is particularly beautiful, as its scales shimmer with all the colors of the tropical water and its every movement sends its bright scales into a glistening flurry of dazzling blue and turquoise. Fins rise from behind a water naga's head and stretch all the way down its 10-foot length to the tip of its tail. Despite its length and size, a water naga only weighs around 250 pounds and is an extremely agile swimmer.1

Habitat and ecology

Water nagas prefer warm waters and barely tolerate cold. As a result, they tend to migrate with the seasons to summer and winter lairs, and several lairs along the migration route. This also means water nagas sometimes serve as impromptu ambassadors between the tribes of lizardfolk, fey, and humans who live along their migration routes. Despite this, water nagas are the least intelligent type of naga—and, perhaps as a result, are also the least scheming, manipulative, and malicious. Their general demeanor has more in common with snakes than with their conniving naga kin.1


A water naga's bite is venomous, and enough venom can kill many creatures.1

On Golarion

Water nagas live near Avistan and Garund, including the northern coast of the Inner Sea,2 the Varisian Gulf,3 and the southern coast of the Shackles.4 Rarer examples sometimes live inland, such as those occasionally seen on the River Foam in Andoran's Darkmoon Vale.5 Far from the Inner Sea, water nagas can be found amongst the rivers and coastlines of Xopatl on the continent of Arcadia.6


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