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A long-finned squid.

Any ocean
Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 259

Squids1 are small, predatory aquatic animals with elongated bodies and ten tentacles arranged radially around a central beak. They can expel clouds of ink with which to hide themselves underwater, and are known to aggressively attack creatures much larger than themselves. They are sometimes taken as animal companions.2

Giant squid

Some squids grow to much larger sizes than typical specimens. While they usually live deep in the ocean, hunger sometimes drives them to the surface.2

On Golarion

While squids are primarily marine animals, they also live in the waters of Glacier Lake in Irrisen.3

Squids are among the animal totems used by the Shoanti of the Shadde-Quah.4


  1. While squid is a valid plural form, PathfinderWiki follows Paizo in preferring "squids" in order to align with Paizo-published sources, such as the Bestiary entry for squids, entries for other creatures in Bestiary volumes that mention squids, and The Inner Sea World Guide.
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