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World Akiton
Nation High Plateau Thurokdom
Size Metropolis
Population 44,000
Demographics 28,000 Akitonian humans, 5,000 Akitonian lizardfolk, 5,000 ratfolk, 2,000 shobhad-neh, 2,000 Golarion humanoids, 2,000 other
Government Thurokdom
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Prince Odrian (formerly)[1]

Source: Red Revolution, pg(s). 6-14
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Arl is the capital of the High Plateau Thurokdom on the planet Akiton.[2]


Arl is located on a rocky plateau above an ancient sea bed. At the centre of the city is a 500-foot-tall red pyramid, topped by a portal.[3]


Arl is ruled by a princelike leader bearing the title thurok.[3]


During the Age of Legend, powerful Azlanti came to Arl from Golarion and subjugated the locals, who believed them to be gods. While few newcomers have arrived since then, the people of Arl continue to speak a descendant of the Azlanti language and officially consider their city to be an outpost of Azlant.[4]


Arl's primarily humanoid population live a hard life, farming and defending themselves as necessary and watching gladiator games in the Crimson Forum.[3] Those who arrive in Arl via the portal on top of the pyramid (such as via the Maze of the Open Road in Galt) are considered to be new incarnation of ancient gods and named thuroks, but must tread carefully lest they get torn apart by their faithful, who still remember how their ancestors were subjugated.[4]