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Aliases Lev Avai
Titles The Scarlet Sun
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Succubus
Class Assassin 2
Gender Female
Homeland Currently Underbridge, Magnimar
Deity Shax
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Source: Dawn of the Scarlet Sun, pg(s). 8

Avalexi is a succubus living in Magnimar who has inhabited the abandoned shrine of Sarenrae in the Underbridge district. She has gathered to her two main allies—her half-fiend gargoyle son, called the Scarlet Son, and Zadendi, a corrupted priestess of Sarenrae.[1] When outside of the shrine, she disguises herself as the son of a minor noble house, calling herself Lev Avai.[2] Avalexi is particularly fond of corrupting and sacrificing worshippers of Sarenrae, and offering her such a person is a good way to gain Avalexi's favour.[3]


Before moving to Magnimar, Avalexi was trapped in a statue for millennia in a cave within the Mushfens. She was finally freed by a tribe of troglodytes on the hunt for treasure; she rewarded them for her release by not killing them. She moved to Magnimar in the hopes of building a cult dedicated to Shax, The Blood Marquis: demon lord of envy, lies and murder. In this endeavour, she hopes to regain the favour of her demon lord.[3]

Why Avalexi was imprisoned in the Mushfens and why she has such a dedicated hatred of all things Sarenite is not well known.