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By far Magnimar's most seedy, dangerous and dirty district, Underbridge is the only district in what is known as the Shadow area of Magnimar because it lies beneath the shade of the Irespan. Rat infested Underbridge is filled with gambling dens, rancid brothels, cheap flop houses and decrepit tenements serving as a collection of the worst vices of the city.

While the Magnimar government has pledged to clean up Underbridge, many members of the Council of Ushers realise that the vice-filled district actually helps attract business to Magnimar and that shutting it down may adversely affect the rest of Magnimar. Despite being a shore-side district Underbridge does not have the bustling docks of the Bazaar of Sails or Dockway but there are a few places to dock.

These Underbridge docks are inevitably used for smuggling, the most infamous of which backs on to the Friendly Merchant: a shady tavern whose owner charges extortionate rates to use his smuggling dock.1

Members of the Magnimar city watch who patrol this district call the people who attack from its darkness "living shadows".2


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