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Axial monitor

(extraplanar, lawful)
Any urban (Axis)
Source: The Reaper's Right Hand, pg(s). 82

Axial monitors are the law enforcement force of Axis.1


Each Axial monitor's large, hairless head bears three serene humanoid faces set equidistantly around it. These faces are completely smooth, without contours for a brow, nose or mouth. Its triangular torso has three shoulders and pairs of strong arms, two humanoid and one mismatched: one a long tentacle and the other articulated, ending in a maul-like head. The Axial monitor has three legs, each ending in a long foot. It is 12 feet tall and weighs 1,200 pounds.1

The Axial monitor's unflappable countenance and comical appearance is off-putting and alien to most creatures, causing few to expect sympathy or kinship from them. It is likely that the Godmind of Axis precisely designed them for this effect.1


In the early days of Axis, inevitables served as its law enforcement, but this role was taken by Axial monitors after the inevitables expanded their role to enforcing law across the multiverse and combating chaos in all its incarnations.1


When not pursuing a criminal or investigating a crime, Axial monitors keep a low profile, to the point that not all residents know that they exist at all. It is unclear whether Axial monitors are created by axiomites, from axiomites, by the Godmind, or by Axis itself. They do not reproduce, age, eat, drink, or sleep. Some speculate that they rest at their fortified dispatch stations, which only criminals and axiomite specialists are allowed to enter, but even then they are restricted to chambers near the entrance. No one, except perhaps the Godmind itself, knows the precise number of Axial monitors.1


Axial monitors only attack those presenting a disturbance to Axis' order. Except against proteans, whom they with lethal force on sight, they call for surrender before a fight and prefer to subdue opponents rather than kill them. Their mandate is to bring prisoners into dispatch stations in order to interrogate them, make formal reports over their disturbances, and provide them directly to the Godmind, which calculates the mathematically ideal method to counteract and prevent any future disturbances. After this, Axial monitors either set free or escort the offender to a prison.1

Axial monitors are never seen outside of Axis. They do not patrol its streets, but are dispatched directly by the Godmind.1


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