Azlanti chariot beetle

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Azlanti chariot beetle

Any former Azlanti ruin
Source: Revenge of the Kobold King, pg(s). 14–15

Azlanti chariot beetles were once proud warbeasts of the Azlanti empire, but now are little more than vermin retaining almost none of their former abilities.1


An Azlanti chariot beetle is a huge beetle easily capable of crushing a humanoid in their mandibles. Its vast carapace covers its back and shimmers in a hypnotic manner.1

Habitat and ecology

Azlanti chariot beetles inhabit only the ruins of ancient Azlant. Some strange force compels them to find the remains of their former masters and protect them from intruders. This is perhaps what prevented them from losing all of their magical abilities. They seldom move far from these places of power.1


The beetle can dazzle the minds of those who look at it by using its shimmering carapace. However, this capability is weak compared to its powers at the height of the Azlanti empire, when it could rain arcane fire on the empire's enemies while protecting the beetle from their magic, leaving nothing but ash in their wake.1


Serving as part of the Azlanti army, these huge beetles flew through the skies in packs capable of blotting out the sun. They also served as the mounts for wizards.1