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Commander of the Ironfang Legion
Source: Vault of the Onyx Citadel, pg(s). 58

Azlowe is the religious leader of the Ironfang Legion. One of the three individuals to hold the rank of commander, he sits just under the Legion's leader Azaersi in its hierarchy and holds control over most of its magical resources.12


Azlowe prefers to appear as a stooped, bent, muscular goblin instead of in his true form as a greater barghest with oversized fangs and teeth, and chains forged in Hell.1


During her early campaigns, Azaersi relied on Azlowe to interpret the portents before battles, but his role became less and less relevant since the arrival of the dark naga Zanathura. Azaersi insists that Zanathura is only a simple advisor who provides advice against the enemy's 'elf magic', to the point of listening to her poisoned words over Azlowe's advice. On the other hand, Azlowe has caught Zanathura tampering with the Onyx Citadel and swaying the minds of the Legion's soldiers, supposedly including Azaersi herself, and only Azaersi can stay his hand in the matter of Zanathura. As a result, Azlowe and his followers have grown distant from the Legion as their faith in Azaersi's judgement wavers.1


Azlowe was summoned from Hell to serve a hobgoblin cleric of Hadregash as a guard beast many seasons ago. After a year, he hunted and ate enough prey to become a greater barghest. With this new power, Azlowe consumed his master, inheriting his writings, followers, and divine power granted by Hadregash. His cannibalism mingled with hobgoblin beliefs, and over 30 years, his tribe became known as the Cult of the Witcheater, which focuses on eating arcane spellcasters.1

When the cult's reputation reached Azaersi as she was fomenting her plan for an independent hobgoblin nation, she offered to meet Azlowe on neutral ground. She gifted him with a trussed Nirmathi sorcerer and promised him that many more such treasures would await if his cult would join the Ironfang Legion. Azlowe was convinced by Azaersi's charisma and became devoted to her, viewing her appearance as a sign from Hadregash.1


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