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Titles Greatest Supreme Chieftain Boss
Home Basalfeyst, the Abyss
Alignment Lawful evil
Areas of Concern Goblin supremacy
Worshipers Goblins
Cleric Alignments
Domains Evil, Law, Strength, War
Subdomains Blood, Devil, Ferocity, Slavery
Favored Weapon Flail
Symbol Chain and manacle
Sacred Animal Cougar
Sacred Colors Green, red

Source: Assault on Longshadow, pg(s). 72–77

Long ago the goddess Lamashtu stole four barghest servants of Asmodeus and brought them into her service. They found that when they killed mortals, each drop of spilled blood would turn into a goblin. Lamashtu created realms for them in the Abyss, and in exchange they swore loyalty to her. One of these barghests was the great Hadregash, strongest of his kind, who helped organize the goblins into the first tribes. Goblins now worship him, along with the other barghest heroes: his consort Venkelvore, wolflike Zarongel, and ugly Zogmugot (collectively known as the four Goblin Hero-Gods).[1][2]


The other barghest deities respect and follow Hadregash because of his great strength. They once tried to unite against him, but his swift and violent retribution forever convinced them that this was a bad idea.[3]


All Goblin Hero-Gods reside in Basalfeyst in the Abyss.[4]


Paizo published a major article on Hadregash in Assault on Longshadow.