Dark naga

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Dark naga
A dark naga from Kaer Maga, Varisia.

Dark nagas are solitary, wicked creatures that crave power over others.1


Dark nagas believe that, if one can take something, then that thing is by right theirs to have, and consequently crave power and wealth.1

Dark nagas are solitary beings, and prefer to dwell in abandoned ruins where they can scavenge abandoned treasures and magic items. They view other creatures as either potential slaves or as potentially dangerous rivals, and attempt to either kill or enslave travelers who come across their lairs. Some dark nagas are more tolerant of social interaction than others; these individuals sometimes form or take control of enclaves of other beings that they rule despotically. Others, usually ones more inclined to subtlety or to desiring the finer comforts of civilization, dwell within or under wealthy settlements and form cults dedicated to their worship.1

In Golarion

Several nests of dark nagas are known to live along the Jalrune River on the TaldorQadira border.2 Far from the Inner Sea, dark nagas can be found amongst the ruins of Xopatl on the continent of Arcadia.3


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