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General Azaersi.
Titles General
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Hobgoblin
Class Swashbuckler 20
Gender Female
Homeland Oprak
Organization Ironfang Legion
Companion(s) Zanathura
Images of Azaersi

Source: Vault of the Onyx Citadel, pg(s). 56f.

General Azaersi is the leader of the Ironfang Legion, and a visionary who has carved out a new nation for her people that she now rules: Oprak.[1][2] In the Goblin language, "Azaersi" literally means "Aza the Immortal".[3]


Azaersi views the dark naga Zanathura as a kindred spirit, and has begun to trust her even more than fellow hobgoblins, but is unaware of the subtle magic that Zanathura uses to influence her.[1] Her spymaster is Taurgreth, whom she sent to forge an alliance with Arlantia, but who only ended up being imprisoned by the blighted fey.[4] Henra, Azaersi's personal trainer and a member of the Ironfang Legion's command staff, has known her since she was a child.[5]


Azaersi was born in Isger and came of age during the Goblinblood Wars. When she was still a child, her outpost was overrun by Eagle Knights, and her gut pierced by a human spear. She was thrown into a mass grave and awakened several hours later, too stubborn to die. While the humans were celebrating, Azaersi fled under the cover of the night to Molthune, carrying a fervent hatred of humans with her. She met others hobgoblins in the Menador Mountains who saw her as a promising leader.[1]

In Molthune, Azaersi became a bandit lord operating in the Shrikewood, attracting numerous followers due to her charisma despite never fully recovering from her injury. When Molthune sent a regiment of soldiers to put an end to Azaersi's banditry, her outnumbered, ill-equipped band nonetheless prevailed. The Molthuni commander, Vetrigan Sebine, gave her an offer: Molthune needed soldiers whose actions could be denied by the state but, nevertheless, Molthune would be willing to arm, equip, and unleash such bandits on Nirmathas. This was the beginning of the Ironfang Legion.[1]

With new contacts and information, Azaersi then began to plan a scheme of domination and a homeland for the hobgoblins denied by the Goblinblood Wars. When she discovered the Onyx Key and Zanathura, Azaersi led the Ironfang Legion into the Vault of the Onyx Citadel, recruited many of its elemental denizens, and conquered the vault from the xiomorn Ziguch the Seventh Facet. With the Onyx Citadel and its extraplanar Stone Roads under her control, Azaersi could launch attacks without warning and disengage without obstacle. The latter, however, was possible only with the sardonyx shard, a removable piece of the Onyx Key.[1][4]

Azaersi later sent Taurgreth to the Fangwood in search of an alliance with the forest's blighted fey. Distrustful of the fey, Taurgreth borrowed Azaersi's sardonyx shard as an emergency escape mechanism, without realising that the fey's magic prevented planar travel. With the sardonyx shard in Arlantia's hands, the Ironfang Legion lost the ability to return to the Vault of the Onyx Citadel unaided.[4]


Azaersi wields a magical falcata known as Truth, and a dagger enchanted with the ability to return to her when thrown.[1]


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