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The Bandu are a tribe of Bekyar who live in the Bandu Hills of Sargava and the Mwangi Expanse.

As with most Bekyar, they are slavers and demon worshippers. Those captives they do not sell are sacrificed to their demonic patrons.1 Since first meeting the lighter skinned visitors in 4139 AR,2 they prefer to sacrifice Chelaxians when they can get them. As a result they stage regular raids on colonial settlements in Sargava.

In response, the Sargavan military have attacked the cliff dwellings of the Bandu on several occasions. Every time, the Bandu have melted away, allowing the Sargavans to claim victory, but always returning in due course.

Hatred of the Bandu is one of the few things that unite the majority of the other Mwangi tribes and the colonial Sargavans. However, the Bandu do sell slaves to some other tribes, particularly the Ombo.1

The Bandu are causing considerable difficulties for the garrison of the Sargavan Fort Bandu, and so far have thwarted their attempts to build a bridge across the River of Lost Tears.3