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Fort Bandu

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Fort Bandu
Nation Sargava
Size Village
Population 198
Ruler Praetor Sylien

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 167-8

Fort Bandu is a fortification in eastern Sargava, located in the Bandu Hills on the banks of the River of Lost Tears near the border with the Mwangi Expanse.[1]


Fort Bandu was established in 4164 AR to protect the mining operations in the nearby Bandu Hills (particularly Farsouth Mine) and has suffered repeated attacks from the native Mwangi tribes, especially the Bandu.[1][2]


The commander of the fort and its 150-strong garrison of Sargavan Guard soldiers is the aging, but still capable Praetor Sylien. Nearly all of the soldiers are used in the defense of the fort and guarding its supply route.[1][3]

Current projects

The Rivermen's Guild transports goods to and from Fort Bandu all the way to Port Freedom.[4] Workers from the fort are attempting to build a bridge across the River of Lost Tears, but are being by hampered by the Bandu.[1]