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Traits Aberration
Level 20

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 35

Baomals are feared marine predators resembling giant sea turtles with two snakelike heads and shells lined with sharp spikes.[1]


Baomals normally inhabit the deepest parts of the ocean and compete with krakens for access to prey. They sometimes follow their prey, such as whales and other large marine creatures, to the surface. Baomals that find their way to shallow waters quickly learn to prey on ships, which they cut open with their shells' spikes to feed on the sailors within them.[1]

Baomals are used by alghollthus as war creatures, but ancient carvings suggest that alghollthus were once also prey of baomals.[1]


The origins of baomals are unclear. No known texts indicate that they were created by wizards or alghollthu manipulations.[1]


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