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A great white whale.
Type Animal
CR 10 (varies with species)
Environment Any ocean
Adjective Whale; cetacean; cetaceous
Images of whales

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 282

Whales are massive aquatic cetaceans with fins, a tail with horizontal flukes, and blowholes on top of the head.[1][2]


Regardless of subspecies, most whales are immense and graceful beasts of the seas.[1]


Whales tend to be peaceful, but when provoked (or, for carnivorous whales, when on the hunt) they can bite, slap foes with their tail, or simply ram themselves into a target.[1]


Some whales travel alone or in pairs, but in the wild many also form pods of a dozen members or more.[1]

The many subspecies of whale include:

Whales on Golarion

Whalers hunt whales to convert the beasts' blubber into oil, and to craft their bones and teeth into weapons and artwork known as scrimshaw.[3]

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