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Belimarius's Invidious Halberd

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Belimarius's Invidious Halberd
(Magic item)
Aura Strong abjuration
Caster Level 17th
Type Major artifact
Slot None
Origin Edasseril, Thassilon
Affiliation Belimarius

Source: The City Outside of Time, pg(s). 56

Belimarius's Invidious Halberd is one of the Alara'quin, an intelligent weapon originally crafted by Xin for Runelord Naaft as her symbol of office. Xin granted this weapon the ability to nullify magic and saw Naaft as a regulator of power, but his hopes died as she fell to sin. The Invidious Halberd hated both itself and arcane spellcasters, accepting the runelords of envy as its owners but never appreciating them; it is only happy when cutting down arcane spellcasters, especially wizards. Due to its ability to negate magic, the halberd earned both scorn and jealousy from its owners.[1]