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Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 31

Betobeto-san1 are incorporeal spirits who follow travelers at night along the roads of the Universe until verbally allowed to pass.2


Betobeto-san are typically invisible in darkness or shadow, but appear as shadowy masses with two sandaled feet and a wide, toothy maw when illuminated. The sound of these sandals against a road's surface gives off a characteristic "beto beto" sound, giving the creatures their name.2


Betobeto-san consume fear as sustenance, and so the great majority of their abilities focus on causing fear. Notably, betobeto-san are not inherently malicious, and there is some indication that they are unaware of the fear they cause. That said, betobeto-san invariably gravitate towards those who are afraid, with the supernatural effects of their "beto beto" footsteps heightening terror. Attacks by betobeto-san are virtually unheard of, though the creatures often end up assaulted by the travelers they follow out of the same fear that drew the betobeto-san near.2


Betobeto-san are created occasionally as planar travelers cross between the Netherworld and Universe. Some scholars suggest that the travelers must be experiencing certain strong emotions or intents as a triggering condition for the birth of a betobeto-san. Once manifested, however, a betobeto-san can inhabit virtually any built-up or heavily-travelled area of Golarion.2


  1. Betobeto-san is both the singular and plural.
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