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A shadow.

Shadows are undead creatures who consume beings who stray from the light.1


The aptly named shadow is a shadowy, incorporeal undead creature which is vaguely humanoid in shape.1

Habitat and society

Shadows can stalk in any area with poor light, including ruins, candle-lit rooms, and shrouded forests. They also travel between the Universe and the Netherworld, though it is unclear whether they can travel between planes on their own means or through a more powerful patron's.1

Their abilities and intelligence make them formidable spies, and those who speak Necril can communicate with them. Their weakness to light causes them to be cowed by glowing objects, particularly weapons.1


Shadows can steal the shadows cast by their prey, which temporarily weakens them. Shadows reproduce through this manner by sufficiently weakening a target until they can fully pull its shadow free, creating a shadow spawn under the shadow's control. After killing their prey, the spawn becomes a fully autonomous shadow. If the afflicted creature survives and recovers from their shadow-inflicted weakness, they regain their cast shadows and the spawn ceases to exist.1

In addition to their draining touch, shadows are also capable of flight and immune to many types of afflictions, including diseases, paralysis, and poisons. A shadow can move about within the shadow of any creature or object, and as they do so they can often remain undetected.1

Greater shadow

Greater shadow

Shadows who kill many victims,2[citation needed] spend sufficient time in the Netherworld,1 or come into contact with large amounts of negative energy2[citation needed] can grow in power and become greater shadows.

These undead monsters are tougher and more dangerous than ordinary shadows, can drain strength at an increased rate, and create more powerful shadow spawn.1 They also lead their lesser kin.2[citation needed]

On Golarion

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Shadows are counted amongst the lesser nobility of the undead-dominated nation of Geb.3


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