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Metropolis (assumed); currently ruins
Source: Tower of the Drowned Dead, pg(s). 65

Bilith-Vel was one of the largest cities of the Azlanti Empire and a holy site of the goddess Acavna in the Age of Legend. It partially sank into a shallow sea due to Earthfall.1


Bilith-Vel was located in southwestern Azlant, overlooking the southeastern coast of Arcadia and serving as a trade hub for Azlant's colonies in the west. In its heyday, it was characterised by Acavna's influence and resembled one huge monument to her, with lunar architectural motifs, huge statues, and hundreds of churches dedicated to her, outnumbering all other gods combined. Bilith-Vel was also famous for its interconnected skyscrapers, which remain above the surface even after Earthfall sank its streets under 20 feet of water.1


Bilith-Vel was once a site of pilgrimage for Acavna's followers, due to its status as a city saved by her from a siege during Azlant's tumultuous early days. It was also home to the Inward Eye, a coven of powerful witches; the headquarters of the empire's most influential banking consortia; and a private harbour home to its second-largest armada.1

Since Earthfall, Bilith-Vel has been guarded by Rezallian, a lunar dragon who normally carried Acavna into battle, but was busy for a ceremony in Bilith-Vel and not present when Acavna and Amaznen sacrificed themselves to mitigate the damage of Earthfall. Rezallian's guilt over whether his participation might have saved his friends and Azlant was more than he could bear, and he eventually transformed into an animus shade, 'ruling' over the ruins of Bilith-Vel as its god, served by morlocks descended from the city's inhabitants, draugr crew from ships that sunk nearby, and 27 somalcygots from the moon. Each somalcygot watches over several city blocks from a high vantage point and exudes a sickly sweet odour that all explorers can smell.12


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