Dragon's Punchbowl

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The Dragon's Punchbowl is a small island approximately a mile and a half off the coast of the Varisian city of Sandpoint along the Lost Coast. Less than half a mile in length, it is largely a group of stony ridges that rise nearly 50 feet out of the sea and surround a small lake at the island's center. It is said to primarily be the roosting place of wyverns, although a mysterious dragon has long been rumored to visit the island once or twice a year for unknown reasons.12

The Punchbowl was, until recently, the home to two black dragon siblings who resided in the flooded caves under the island's lake. The elder of these, Scarhorn, recently evicted her younger brother, Black Fang, from the nest; Black Fang has since found a new home in the Tors on the mainland.3 Scarhorn remains in the lair beneath Dragon's Punchbowl, but she never hunts within 50 miles of her home so that none know she lives there.4


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