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Aliases Scarhorn
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Black dragon (old)
Gender Female
Homeland Dragon's Punchbowl, Varisia

Source: Pathfinder #8, pg(s). 25–26

The old black dragon Auhlzodrue is better known along Varisia's Lost Coast and the Varisian Gulf as Scarhorn after the distinctive broken horn she lost during a battle with would-be dragonslayers. Scarhorn has made her lair in the flooded caverns beneath the lake at the center of Dragon's Punchbowl, a small island about a mile and a half from the town of Sandpoint, for over 500 years, centuries longer than explorers first settled southwestern Varisia. Despite the fact that she has been seen for centuries throughout the region, the location of her lair remains a closely guarded secret, for she never hunts within a 50-mile radius of the island. Her younger brother, Black Fang, has not been so tactful, however, and after he attacked a ship in the Varisian Gulf headed for Riddleport, Scarhorn exiled him from their shared lair. She now watches with glee as he makes trouble in the hinterlands surrounding Sandpoint, and knows it is only a matter of time before he draws enough attention to warrant a dragonslaying expedition to eliminate him.[1]


While she is no longer on good terms with Black Fang, Scarhorn nevertheless maintains a respectable cadre of followers. Those most commonly seen by any approaching Dragon's Punchbowl are the wyverns who roost in the island's rocky crags. These "pets" keep the curious away from her home, but the wyverns generally do not consider themselves to be associated with the dragon beyond sharing the island. Within her lair, Scarhorn employs a fair number of aquatic undead monsters that she commands with her powerful magic.[2]


Over the centuries, Scarhorn has collected for herself a sizeable hoard, consisting of exotic and ancient magical items and works of art, mostly gathered from the ocean floor beneath the expansive Varisian Gulf. As she can swim and breathe water, such excursions pose no problem to the dragon, and she can magically alter her shape to take the form of smaller aquatic creatures to navigate tight spaces such as shipwrecks and sunken Thassilonian ruins.[2]


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