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Blue whale

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Blue whale

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Type Animal
CR 12
Environment Any ocean

Source: The Price of Infamy, pg(s). 86-87

Blue whales are among the largest aquatic animals on Golarion, and are often hunted for their blubber, which is used to make oil. Also prized are their bones, which are used to make weapons and art objects using a type of carving called scrimshaw. Blue whales are filter-feeders, and subsist on millions of minuscule invertebrates known as krill. They are not typically aggressive towards humanoids, as they do not see them or their ships are meals, but can be dangerous due to their sheer size and their ability to capsize ships with blows of their tails.[1]

In Golarion

Blue whales are widespread, and can be found in every sea and ocean on Golarion.[1] They are among the economically important animals hunted in the Shining Sea,[2] and sometimes pass east from it and enter into the adjoining Ivory Sea.[3]

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