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Source: Lost Omens Legends, pg(s). 117

Boiltongue is a crag linnorm who was defeated in single combat by White Estrid in 4704 AR. By this act, White Estrid became a controversial Linnorm King, as all previous Linnorm Kings had killed their linnorm before claiming their crown. To preserve his life, Boiltongue exchanged it for servitude to White Estrid.12

Boiltongue now resides as a pet and as a powerful ally of White Estrid in the throne room of Halgrim, the capital of the Ironbound Islands in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Boiltongue is taciturn but confirms his defeat at White Estrid's hand to any who ask.1234 He remains somewhat bitter about his hurt pride, but also acknowledges that Estrid gained a potent advantage in recruiting him, and even seems to enjoy protecting Halgrim and the Ironbound Islands.5

Once a year, typically after the harvest, Boiltongue leaves Halgrim to visit his mate and their children in their hidden lair in the Stormspear Mountains.5


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