Crag linnorm

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Crag linnorm

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Like all linnorms, the deadly crag linnorm is a powerful, primeval dragon that menaces the northern wildernesses.1[citation needed]


This massive wingless dragon has two powerful forelimbs which it uses to assist in locomotion when it slithers. Its head resembles that of one of the chromatic dragons with evil eyes, huge jaws, and a large set of gnarled horns. Crag linnorms have long, serpentine bodies that are covered in grey scales and end in three barb-tipped tails. A crag linnorm can reach 60 feet long and weighs nearly 12,000 pounds.1[citation needed]

Habitat and ecology

Crag linnorms are denizens of the wild regions far north of where most civilizations extend. They are most common in the country that bears their name, the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. The reason they are so common here is that the land is somehow connected with the mysterious First World from which the linnorms originate. Favoured by some primal power of the mysterious fey,1[citation needed] any who manage to slay a crag linnorm are forever cursed, making them exceptionally vulnerable to any sort of fire or heat. The crag linnorm is among the weakest of its kind, but while it may not be as strong as other linnorms, it is still a devastating predator and capable of decimating entire parties of adventurers with it molten magma breath. Adding to this creature's deadly arsenal, it also has a venomous maw that inflicts an agonising, burning poison on those it bites.12

On Golarion

Boiltongue is possibly the most famous crag linnorm on Golarion. It was defeated by White Estrid in 4704 AR, and is now her pet and ally.34


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