Burning Child

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Burning Child
Type Undead
CR 10
Environment Temperate plains

Source: Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes, pg(s). 58

The Burning Child is a human child transformed into a unique undead creature after his traumatic death at the hands of orc alchemists seeking to weaponise his sorcerous bloodline. He has wandered eastern Belkzen for centuries in a futile search for his parents and constantly relives his painful, fiery death. Most of the time he is incorporeal and invisible, recognisable only through the sound of sobbing and the scent of burning flesh, but when he happens on a battlefield, his memories resurface, and he wanders into the battlefield, crying for help and, unintentionally, wreaking havoc with his uncontrollable powers.[1]

The Burning Child was first seen in the autumn of 4237 AR. As Lastwall soldiers prepared to retreat after the fall of the Sunwall, the Burning Child appeared among the orc ranks, and the soldiers found the courage they needed to rescue him. After the orcs were routed, the child was nowhere to be found. This incident came to be called the Battle of the Burning Child.

The Burning Child has since been contacted by the False Priest, but since he could not convert the child to evil, he decided to continue studying him and use him to lure travellers to their death, and has become adept at triggering the Burning Child's conflagration.[2]