Butterfly Blades

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Butterfly Blades

Assassins' guild
Regional (Goka)
Source: Heroes of the High Court, pg(s). 24

The Butterfly Blades are an order of yellow-robed killers that follow a tradition that dates all the way back to Yixing. They are renowned for their mastery of the butterfly sword and their training results in them becoming whirlwinds of death with their chosen weapon; they are also able to use it to inflict painful wounds instead. The Butterfly Blades originate from Goka and have long been affiliated with the noble Nai family1, currently headed by Lady Nai Yan Fei, the Empress of Goka. They work from the shadows, eliminating her enemies and helping to keep the scheming nobility in line.2 To become eligible for training with the Butterfly Blades, a would-be initiate must defeat a member of the Butterfly Blades in a sanctioned bout.3


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