Nai Yan Fei

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Nai Yan Fei

Empress of Goka
4695 AR (age 29)
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 24 (1E)

Lady Nai Yan Fei is the ruler of Goka.1 She is served by the Butterfly Blades, an order of yellow-robed killers descended from an ancient Yixing tradition.2


Nai Yan Fei lived a comfortable childhood as the scion of a noble family. When she was two, her parents were killed while on a diplomatic mission in a scheme by rival Gokan nobles in the Yun-Ta clan, leading her to be raised by her grandfather, Nai Hu Buo, the then-Emperor of Goka. He trained her in the courtly arts, while ensuring she was trained in combat by the Butterfly Blades. After ten years, Hu Buo, satisfied with Yan Fei's skill, returned to politics and shortly after won a third term as emperor of Goka.3


After turning 14, Yan Fei vowed to avenge her parents and started living under multiple secret identities in Goka to scour for information. After a few months, she found the assassins and struck them down, then tracked them to the Yun-Ta family, who had already been wiped out by their enemies. Yan Fei then returned home to continue training as a noble.3

In 4710 AR, after Hu Buo died in office, Nai Yan Fei forced the parliament to name her Empress and let her serve the rest of her grandfather's term, citing an obscure law that allows the position to be inherited. She has enacted many reforms in the city of Goka, with an eye towards the lower classes, and is likely to win the next election when the time comes.3


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