Lantern Lodge (faction)

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Lantern Lodge
Symbol of the Lantern Lodge faction

Spread the Wisdom of Tian Xia in the Inner Sea
Source: Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, pg(s). 11-12 (v4.0)
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The Lantern Lodge faction within the Pathfinder Society represented the interests of Venture-Captain Amara Li and the Dragon Empires of Tian Xia.


While the Pathfinder Society makes its home in the Grand Lodge of Absalom, its membership comes from and travels to all corners of the known world. Outside the Inner Sea region, one of the highest concentrations of Pathfinders is on the continent of Tian Xia, and specifically in the metropolitan city of Goka. Most Tian Pathfinders operate independently of their brethren in Absalom, but occasionally agents cross the Crown of the World, make the treacherous naval voyage south around Casmaron, or simply teleport between the two hubs of activity.1

Goals: Spread the Wisdom of Tian Xia in the Inner Sea

The Lantern Lodge represents Tian interests in the Inner Sea region, ensuring that Pathfinder Society agents far to the east of the Decemvirate's direct view are considered in organization-wide affairs.1 It also seeks to expand the Dragon Empires' cultural reach and acquire, trade, or return artifacts.2


Amara dissolved the Lantern Lodge faction in 4713 AR to assume leadership of an expanded Lantern Lodge in Goka.3 However, the Absalom lodge remained open as an affiliate of the main Goka lodge, and continues to host Pathfinders from Tian Xia and facilitate exchanges with those in the Inner Sea region.4