Golden League

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Golden League

Lawful evil
Control trade
Regional (Tian Xia)
Ruling families
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 55
Mikogu Shimazi, a Golden League war leader.

Originally founded in Minkai in Tian Xia, the Golden League is an organisation dedicated to manipulating markets, both legitimate and otherwise, in order to obtain wealth and power for themselves.1


Formed in 7059 IC with the merger of a merchant house and a thieves' guild during a time of desperation, the two families controlled the economy of Minkai until its eventual collapse in 7071 IC. The Golden League was banished from the nation by the emperor, forcing them into hiding until eventually resurfacing in Goka in 7080 IC.2

Although exiled and humiliated, the Golden League proved itself to be both resilient and resourceful. Learning from their previous errors, they began influencing markets in more subtle ways, using a mixture of bribery, extortion, threats and assassinations.1

Methods & Organization

The Golden League now consists of dozens of powerful families in Goka, although they hold influence in every city in Tian Xia. Each family keeps a group of tattooed warriors at their disposals. These soldiers and assassins are known as the Xun. Locals rightfully fear and respect these warriors, granting them deference upon seeing them.1


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