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Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Blue dragon (wyrm)
Gender Female
Homeland Guiltspur, Varisia & Razmiran

Source: Into the Nightmare Rift, pg(s). 58-9

Cadrilkasta is a wyrm blue dragon currently excavating a Thassilonian ruin at Guiltspur in northern Varisia[1] using enslaved ogres and giants.[2]


Cadrilkasta (the blue wyrm) was orphaned before she was even born: a party of adventurers killed her mother, but never found the lair. As she aged and became desirous of an education, she moved her lair to the Hungry Mountains and abducted scholars who taught her about Thassilon. She has returned to the Hold of Belkzen to explore Thassilonian ruins.[3]


She maintains a hoard in the sea cliffs of Razmiran. One of the treasures therein is the Howling Horn, which was made from the horns of the legendary dragon Kazavon.[4]


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