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Guiltspur is an ancient Thassilonian ruin on Varisia's northern Storval Plateau connected to the dread realm of Leng.1


Guiltspur was built on the orders of the Runelord Karzoug in -5353 AR to serve as a portal and embassy connecting the Thassilonian realm of Shalast to Leng. His ambassador was a Lissalan cleric named Mesmalatu.1

As the Kodar Mountains erupted during Earthfall in -5293 AR and sent a pyroclastic flow in Guiltspur's direction, Mesmalatu, the denizens of Leng, and moon-beasts escaped through the portal from Guiltspur to Leng, which was subsequently broken. Mesmalatu stayed in Leng with her allies to learn their secrets, during which time she became a lich.2

During the Age of Darkness, Guiltspur fell into disrepair and ruin.2 In -4109 AR,3 Mesmalatu and her allies repaired the planar link that connected Guiltspur to a temple of Nyarlathotep in Leng. Upon returning she was satisfied that Karzoug was no longer there, as she could now freely use Guiltspur's resources without being bothered by him.2

For many thousands of years, Mesmalatu used Guiltspur as a private laboratory along with her allies, and converted to the worship of Nyarlathotep. As her final experiments took place, the Leng side of the portal was captured by Leng spiders, and in return Mesmalatu closed the portal. She soon fell into a long torpor and became a demilich.2

Recent history

The infamous blue dragon Cadrilkasta rediscovered Guiltspur in 4702 AR after locating the Shard of Wrath in Belkzen, which led her to the site. The aged wyrm began unearthing it in 4703 AR3 with the help of enslaved giants and ogres. No one knows what the dragon is searching for, but she has not let continued attacks by ghosts4 or deadly skull rippers be a deterrent.56


Beruvexus, the Pondering Beast, a nalfeshnee demon, has been imprisoned and buried beneath Guiltspur for thousands of years.7


Paizo published a Shattered Star Pathfinder Adventure Path issue, Into the Nightmare Rift, that was partially set in Guiltspur.

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