Shrike River

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The Shrike River is a tributary to the mighty Sellen River that flows through the River Kingdoms. The river is named for the numerous flocks of birds that nest along its length.

The river begins high in the Icerime Peaks, the mountains that separate Brevoy on the continent of Avistan from the wild land of Iobaria in Casmaron. From its many smaller tributaries it pools in a large lake in the Hills of Nomen and then flows generally westward past the city of Restov.12 From there it turns southwestward through the Stolen Lands, past the Narlmarches, and into the East Sellen River at the city of Mivon.2

Although it connects Brevoy with the Stolen Lands, it makes for a poor trade route as the waterway is interrupted by two waterfalls, thus making safe travel between the two regions impossible.3


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