Cane of the Maelstrom

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Cane of the Maelstrom
(Magic item)

Item Level (2E)
Usage (2E)
Held in 1 hand
Source: Ruins of the Radiant Siege, pg(s). 73

The Cane of the Maelstrom is described as a silvery-purple staff with a glowing crystal of warpglass floating at its end. Those who wield it hear a constant, distracting chorus of laughing, incoherent protean whispers and sing-song voices. Self-indulgence or narcissistic acts quell these whispers but they immediately return when the artifact's powers are used again. Ultimately, those who use the cane are driven insane by these mental assaults.1


The Cane of the Maelstrom was fashioned by Yascudril Wyrmtouched to be used in one of the countless wars against the armies of Axis.1 Yascudril was slain in battle and the artifact was lost for untold centuries until it somehow reappeared in Absalom where it was then used to empower Graveraker by binding proteans to use as the machine's power source and then raise the ruins of the legendary Beldrin's Tower in 4720 AR.2


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