Beldrin's Tower

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Beldrin's Tower, sometimes known as the Tower of the Broken Shield, is the most famous monument in the Precipice Quarter of Absalom. Originally part of a three-spire magic academy established by the wizard Beldrin, it suffered considerable damage after the earthquake of 4698 AR. It now sits teetering on the cliff's edge, shaken and cracked but unbowed.12

Beldrin's Tower, as well as the shattered ruins of the other two towers, derive their name from the object of power that Beldrin sequestered within: The Tower of the Candelabra, Tower of the Horn, and the Broken Shield.34

In 4720 AR, Beldrin's Tower was refurbished in preparation for the upcoming Radiant Festival. Before its entrance is an acres-long shallow basin, with onyx footpaths and granite benches. Massive exhibit halls on both sides of the basin host all kinds of private events throughout the day. In the foyer is a large statue of Aroden raising a golden orb from a fountain filled with prismatic water. The interior of Beldrin's Tower became a museum dedicated to notable periods in Absalom's history, where visitors can witness illusory scenes, including the construction and demolition of Absalom's curtain walls; the ascension of Norgorber, Cayden Cailean, and Iomedae; and a miniature rendition of the Radiant Siege.1

Even though the tower's reopening was promoted as one of the Radiant Festival's highlights, more than half of it remains blocked by locked doors, sealed off with false walls, or hidden by illusion magic.15


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