Challenge of Sky and Heaven

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The Challenge of Sky and Heaven is a contest held every ten years by Jalmeray's three Houses of Perfection: the Monastery of Untwisting Iron, the Monastery of Unblinking Flame, and the Monastery of Unfolding Wind.1 It includes tests of knowledge, cunning, speed, swordplay, archery, unarmed fighting, mastery of the self, arcane ability, and skill. Thakur Kharswan, the nominal ruler of Jalmeray, also sponsors many additional events, including the Solemn Sky Duel of Masters. The contest is also open to any others who venerate the god Irori. Winners receive a steel medallion of Sky and Heaven. The current reigning champions are the Monastery of Untwisting Iron, who have won the last two Challenges. Historically, the Challenge was for higher stakes and sometimes turned deadly.234


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