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Titles The Imperial City
Nation Po Li
Size Metropolis
Population 145,800
Government Theocracy (Eternal Emperor)
Ruler Oracular Council

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 34

Changdo, the Imperial City, is the capital of Po Li, and was the original capital of Lung Wa, the empire that dominated Tian Xia until the death of Aroden.[1]


The Imperial City is in western Po Li, at the junction of a lake and river that feed the Sea of Ghosts' southern tip.[2]

Changdo is divided into three major zones: the inner forbidden zone home to the Oracular Council and their families and servants; its edges filled with mansions, lords, and clerks; and the outer city of merchants and commoners.[1]


The Oracular Council maintains Po Li's worship of the Eternal Emperor and protects the Five Dragon Throne that awaits the emperor's reincarnation in the forbidden city.[1]


Construction on the massive statue of the Eternal Emperor that dominates Changdo's skyline began in 4398 AR, 208 years before the collapse of imperial Lung Wa.[3]


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