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Forest dragon

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Forest dragon
A forest dragon, a type of imperial dragon
Type Dragon
CR 6–22 (by age category)
Environment Any forest (Tian Xia)
Images of forest dragons

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 94-95

Forest dragons are a race of evil imperial dragons who inhabit the forests of the continent of Tian Xia, where they are also known as dilungs.[1]


A forest dragon is a long, coiling serpentine creature with jade scales and deerlike antlers. When it moves, its scales sound like grinding stones.[1]


A dilung's breath weapon is a blast of piercing stone shards; ancient forest dragons can use their breath weapons to summon powerful earth elementals within the blast's area. Forest dragons are born immune to poison and able to stalk through the forest without leaving a trace, and as they age they gain more potent abilities: perfect mimicry of any sound or voice; the power to conjure entangling vines, wither plant life with a blight, teleport through trees, and magically animate plants; the ability to kick up a burst of blinding debris with their crushing coils; and at the pinnacle of their power, to turn the victims of their breath weapon to stone.[1]

Habitat and society

As their name implies, forest dragons inhabit deep woodlands. They are vicious, fickle hunters who prefer to stalk along the ground despite their ability to fly.[1]

On Golarion

Forest dragons are common in the Forest of Spirits, where they are violently at odds with the forest's kami guardians. Legend tells that a mighty forest dragon was among the vengeful spirits who rose up against the greedy samurai Zaokoyu's empire of Zao in the distant past.[2]

In the tengu nation of Kwanlai, a titanic dilung ruled the bamboo forest in the Vale of Green Spears and once plundered ships on the nearby gulf of Xidao. The dragon died, but her brood still lurks in the forest.[3]

An adult forest dragon named Toishihebi lairs in the ruins of the city of Uddo in the nation of Minkai.[4]

In astrology

The Forest Dragon is one of the twelve constellations of the Tian Xia zodiac. Individuals born under the sign of the Forest Dragon are said to be shrewd, cautious, and sensual in their better moments, but dishonest, vengeful, and remote in bad times.[5]


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