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Old Mage Jatembe takes tea with Baba Yaga in the Dancing Dolphin in Taldor.

Gallinaceous; galline
Source: Familiar Folio, pg(s). 24

Chickens are small, flightless birds often raised for their eggs and meat. Females are referred to as hens, and males as roosters, cocks, or cockerels. Chickens are sometimes taken as familiars.1


Chickens are social animals and live in flocks. They reproduce by laying eggs, and a hen can lay one egg every twenty-four hours. Chicken eggs hatch after three weeks of incubation; the chicks are raised communally.1

Chickens are valuable small livestock in many communities, due to their quick reproductive cycles, their ability to live on a large variety of simple foods, and their nutritious meat and eggs.1

In magic

The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga walks on legs that resemble those of a chicken.2

In religion

Chickens are the sacred animals of the infernal duke Iaozrael.3 Roosters are among the favored animals of Asmodeus.4


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