Convocation of Dragons

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A Convocation of Dragons is an extremely rare event in which members of all species of dragonkind are called to an isolated location (generally a small island off the western coast of Garund) in order to discuss topics of pan-draconic importance. These Convocations can only be called by important gold dragons, and they are attended by representatives of every major species, including the selfish and argumentative chromatic dragons. The only absentees are the aggressively anti-social black dragons, who refuse to attend.

These meetings are always heated and combative affairs, as the chromatic and metallic dragons generally have a hard time agreeing with each other on anything. Most only last a few days, and many end in bloodshed, although a few have elicited subtle shifts in pan-draconic behavior and policy.1

The last Convocation was called by the gold dragon Aostralya in 4607 AR in order to discuss what impact the death of the human god Aroden would have on their kind. The chromatics took the predictable position that human affairs were below their consideration, and refused to agree on anything. The only topic that elicited any kind of bipartisan support was the perennial effort to hunt down and kill the draconic god Dahak; and the only chromatic dragon to agree with the metallics on this, was the red dragon Grathalax.1

These meetings are exceedingly rare, only happening once or twice a century.2 Past Convocations have dealt with such topics as the eradication of Dahak, concern over what to do with the immensely powerful red dragon Daralathyxl, the return of the elves, and the meaning and repercussions of Earthfall.1