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Coral capuchin

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A coral capuchin is a kind of small amphibious monkey that playfully harasses shipping lanes throughout the Inner Sea.1


Coral capuchins are small, pink and blue, hairless monkeys with large, fish-like eyes, and bat-like wings extending as fifth and sixth limbs from their shoulders. Coral capuchins possess both externally visible gills as well as conventional lungs and can be seen either on or offshore, though the membranous nature of their skin requires regular contact with water.1


Outside of comfort on land and sea, coral capuchins can also fly under their own power with their broad wings and are quite capable climbers. Unknown to many, however, is that coral capuchins can place a curse on those who disturb them. The bite of a coral capuchin can bestow upon a victim a curse requiring the creature to stay near the water's edge (or in it) else the victim's skin will begin peeling and flaking off as it dries out, much like the coral capuchins' skin. Some report the ability to hold their breath for longer under the curse of the capuchin, but the downsides largely outweigh the benefits for all but the most dedicated seafarers. Coral capuchins are relatively intelligent and can communicate in rudimentary speech with humans.1


Coral capuchins can be found in either freshwater or saltwater environments, but tend to be more commonly found near the sea. This preference has less to do with biological need and much more to do with the coral capuchin's favorite hobby: thievery. The creatures stick to human shipping lanes and ports in order to take small trinkets and baubles that catch their fancy to bring back to their nests. For this reason, coral capuchins are especially common in the Shackles and neighboring coastal regions of Garund.1

Coral capuchin communities are matriarchal. The leader of a coral capuchin group will be a larger female specimen with particularly colorful skin and eyes. Some even possess a level of divine spellcasting that they use in order to protect their kith and kin, for which the larger community of coral capuchins fiercely defend them.1

Coral capuchins are, on occasion, taken as familiars by coastal spellcasters, though the creatures often cause as much or more trouble as the aid they give.1


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