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Type Animal
CR ¼
Environment Warm forests
Adjective Simian
Images of monkeys

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 132
Monkey swarm
A monkey swarm.
Type Animal
CR 2
Environment Warm forests
Images of monkeys

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 212
See also: Ape

Monkey is the name given to any of a number of species of smaller primates who inhabit Golarion's warmer forests. They are very social animals that spend most of the day looking for food.[1]

Monkey swarms

Monkeys sometimes congregate in large groups of hundreds of individuals. In such numbers, they can be quite dangerous if threatened.[2]

Monkey species

A large number of species are classified as monkeys, including the ones listed below:


Baboons are larger monkeys known for their short tails, large, canine-like teeth, and aggressive nature. They live either in warm-climate forests or plains.[2][3]

Monkey-like species

A monkey-resembling vanara.

Quite a few creatures on Golarion bear some resemblance to monkeys, including the humanoid vanaras of distant Vudra.[4]

Monkey magic

Monkeys are the inspiration of numerous magical abilities:

Animal focus

Hunters are known to be able to take on various animal aspects, or apply them to their animal companions, including that of a monkey. Adopting this aspect grants the person or animal increased climbing ability.[5]


Monkeys are frequently taken as familiars by spell-casters. The magical connection between the two increases the master's nimbleness when the monkey is nearby.[1][6]

Monks of the Four Winds

Certain advanced monks known as Monks of the Four Winds can take on a monkey aspect. Doing so transfigures the monk's face into that of a monkey, makes her more whimsical and playful, allows her to grow a prehensile tail, and to become a great climber.[7]

Screaming Jungle

Some claim that the Mwangi Expanse's Screaming Jungle gets its name from the countless vocal monkeys that inhabit its jungle canopy.[8]

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